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What is it?

Term life insurance is an easy, cost-effective way to help protect your family’s financial future. A Term life policy insures you for a set length of time or “term,” such as 10, 20 or 30 years. If you die during the term period, your family is paid the death benefit.

Who needs it?

If you are trying to protect your family against loss of your income for a specific time period, Term insurance is the way to go. Also, Term insurance is the least expensive way to purchase a death benefit. So if you do not need lots of options and features with a limited budget, Term life is for you.


What is covered?

You can also use term life insurance to cover specific financial obligations that may disappear over time. For example, use a 30-year term policy to ensure a 30-year mortgage can be paid in full, or choose coverage that lasts long enough to pay for college tuition or wedding expenses if you’re not here to provide for them.

Benefits of Term Life
• Economical coverage.
• Helps provide security for growing families.
• Coverage for temporary financial obligations.

What else to look for?

If your family will need money to also pay for estate tax, you might buy whole life or one of the following products:

• Whole Life • Long Term Care • Final Expense
• Universal Life • Disability • Accidental Death


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