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Finding the right Renters insurance can be time consuming and overwhelming. Find the right coverage by working with one of our professionals, with direct access to a licensed insurance agent, to compare prices from top rated insurance carriers. Contact us at 1-800-363-6300 for a no-obligation comparison and find out how we can assist you with finding the best possible solution.

What is covered?

Depending on your type of policy and options you select, the following are typical items covered in a Renters policy:


• Jewelry • Electronics • Clothing
• Furniture • Computer Equipment • Other Valuables

Who needs renters insurance?

Anyone who rents living space should consider Renter’s Insurance. It is especially important if you have valuable items like antiques, artwork, memorabilia, jewelry, or expensive electronics that would be difficult to replace should they be damaged or stolen.

What renters insurance is not
• Renter’s Insurance is not a homeowner’s policy.
• If you operate a business out of your apartment may need to purchase additional commercial insurance.
• Renter’s Insurance doesn’t protect you in the event that your landlord refuses to refund a portion of your security deposit. This is a contractual issue, not an insurance one.


What can you do to save money on your policy?
• Install smoke alarms
• Install a home security system & receive upto 20% discount
• Add your Auto, Motorcycle, Boat, RV policy to your homeowners coverage
• Maintain a good credit record
• Having a claim-free history

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