Prescription Drug


Prescription Drug Coverage
from the Nation’s TOP Carriers.

Coverage for one of the
most expensive parts of
your insurance.

Keep the cost of your prescription drugs at bay

What is it?

Coverage provided for your outpatient drugs. This is an extra option you may purchase to add to your Personal or Group health insurance plans. This plan will maximize benefits towards your prescription drug purchases.

How it works

When you purchase Prescription Drug coverage insurance, in order to receive maximum benefits, your prescription must be:

  • Prescribed by a licensed physician
  • Dispensed by a participating pharmacy
  • Processed on your prescription drug card
  • You are responsible for the cost of medications not listed in your policy
  • You are eligible to receive FDA-Approved Generic Drugs
  • If an FDA-approved generic drug is not available your plan considers benefits for covered brand name drugs.
  • If a generic drug is available, but you or your physician chooses a brand name, you will be responsible for the difference in cost, in addition to other charges required by your plan.


Get your prescriptions filled fast

With our pharmacy drug coverage plans, you can pick up your prescription at thousands of participating pharmacies nationwide or get your medicine by mail – sent to your home, doctor’s office, or anywhere you choose. Your medicine is packed and sent quickly, safely and securely. With free standard shipping, too. Here are some of our coverage benefits:

  • • Free, secure delivery generally within 48 hours of confirming your order
  • • Delivery to your home, doctor’s office or any other place you choose
  • • Package tracking for prompt delivery
  • • Training to self-inject your medicine
  • • Flexible payment options for out-of-pocket costs, when necessary
  • • Free injection supplies, such as needles, syringes, alcohol swabs, adhesive bandages and Sharps containers for needle waste, if needed

Personal Care and on-going support

Our team of experienced nurses and pharmacists can help you understand how to use your medicine. They can answer your questions and help you cope with your condition throughout your therapy.

You can talk to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just call the toll-free number provided on your Prescription Drug Insurance card.

What plans are available to me?

In addition to our prescription drug coverage plan, we also offer a broad range of specialty products to meet your needs as well as those of your family’s:

• Life Insurance • Group Medical • Accident Insurance
• Dental • Personal Health • Disability
• Vision • Major Medical • Dental

For product details, comparing options and finding the right insurance coverage, please speak with one of our Licensed Agents.

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