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If you live in your mobile home year round or for just a few weeks in a year, you need to have the best policy for the right price. Mobile home insurance is a specific type of insurance that works to protect your valuable asset and protect you from numerous types of losses to your property.

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Our mobile insurance coverage includes:
• Fire • Falling Ojects • Explosions
• Landslides • Vandalism • Attempted or actual burglary
• Off right-of-way collision (if you move your home from one location to another) • Water damage from bursting pipes • Damage from nail polish, shoe polish, dye, ink or paint
• Collapse from the weight of ice or snow • Wind and hail damage


Additional coverage is available

With 800InsuranceNow, you can get a great mobile home insurance quote that covers not just your home but also your personal belongings. Here are some of the options:

• Additional living expenses
• Fire department service
• Emergency removal service
• Removal of debris from your insured property after a covered loss
• Coverage of trees, shrubs, lawns and plants
• Food spoilage coverage
• Credit card and check forgery


What is not Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile Home insurance is not the same as Recreational Vehicle (RV) or Trailer insurance.

Mobile Home insurance is designed for the owners of a “manufactured” home. Those who rent a mobile home can purchase Renter’s Insurance to cover their personal belongings.


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