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What is it?

Major medical health insurance covers the expenses associated with serious illness or hospitalization. Major medical plans usually have a set amount, or deductible, for which the patient is responsible. Once that is paid, the plan covers most of the remaining cost of care, subject to co-pays or co-insurance paid by the patient.

What are some of the features?

Our Major Medical plans provide coverage for everyday medical expenses such as doctor visits and annual physicals as well as coverage for the “what ifs” like cancer, heart attack, accident or injury.

  • Many preventive services paid at 100% when you use doctors in your network
  • No annual or lifetime dollar limits on hospitalization, emergency care, outpatient care, prescriptions and doctor visits
  • Coverage for everyone – regardless of health status
  • New benefits included in the health care reform law (Affordable Care Act)
  • Ways to make the most of your coverage, including access to independent advocates who help you navigate the health care system and compare costs
  • A range of premium options available
  • Various deductible and coinsurance levels
  • Plans with copay options for office visits and prescriptions
  • Broad networks of doctors and hospitals
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) compatible plans available to help you realize tax savings


What is not covered?

  • Treatment not listed in the Covered Medical Services provision
  • Complications of an excluded service
  • Charges reimbursable by Medicare, Workers’ Compensation or automobile insurance carriers or expenses for which other coverage is available
  • Illness or injury caused by acts of war, felony, or hazardous activity for which compensation is received
  • Charges for routine dental or orthodontic treatment
  • Routine hearing care, vision therapy, surgery to correct vision, foot orthotics
  • Cosmetic services such as chemical peels or plastic surgery
  • Charges for non-medical items
  • Others – see plan details

What plans are available to me?

In addition to our traditional Major Medical health coverage plan, we also offer a broad range of specialty products to meet your needs as well as those of your family’s:

• Life Insurance • Group Medical • Accident Insurance
• Dental • Personal Health • Disability
• Vision • Critical Illness • RX Pharmacy

For product details, comparing options and finding the right Major Medical Health insurance coverage, please speak with one of our Licensed Agents.

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