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What is it?

Our business commercial property insurance can protect your business from a minor issue to a major financial loss. Whether you own your building, lease your workspace or work at home, business property insurance protects your business’ physical assets.


• A fire could destroy your building and the contents inside.
• A burst water pipe could damage your documents, drawings or other valuable papers.
• A storm could damage your outdoor sign.

What does it cover?

Small business property insurance is one of the most important investments ensuring the future of your business. Here are some of the important aspects of your business that commercial property insurance helps protect:

• Your Building • Outdoor Sign • Furniture and Equipment
• Inventory • Fence and Landscaping • 3rd Party Property


We understand that your business is unique and constantly changing. We can tailor our commercial building insurance policy to fit your needs.

How to determine your commercial property rates

Typically, commercial properties insurance premiums are calculated by multiplying the value of the building and its contents by a value associated with the level of risk involved. Most of the time, properties with high risk have higher property insurance rates, while lower risk properties cost less to insure.
The following factors help determine your property insurance rates:

Construction – Buildings made of more fireproof materials (brick or cement) or those with fire-resistant interior floors, walls and doors costs less to insure. In general, newer buildings or those with recent upgrades of electrical wiring, plumbing or the HVAC systems will also cost less to insure.

Protection – If your business is located in an urban area with a fire hydrant or fire station nearby, your property insurance rates might be lower. If you have an alarm or sprinkler system, your rates will also most likely be less.

Exposure – When your business is located in a crime-ridden area, your premiums might be higher. Surrounding neighbors also impact your rates. If your business is located near an oil refinery or fireworks factory, your property insurance rates will be higher.


When you contact us, you have a licensed agent at your disposal to answer any questions you may have regarding purchasing a new policy.

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