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Why Accidental Death Coverage

What is it?

There are thousands of accidental deaths each year in the U.S. According to the National Safety Council, it’s our nation’s fifth leading cause of death*. Accidental Death insurance is a cost-effective way to help your family’s financial future should you die as a direct result of an accidental injury.

Who needs it?

Accidents happen suddenly, and without warning to anyone. Family and loved ones can find themselves faced with everything from funeral expenses to how to pay the mortgage. With Accidental Death coverage, they receive a significant benefit to help them pick up the pieces.


Features of Accidental Death

  • Available for ages 18 and over (in most states)
  • Your acceptance is guaranteed—no medical exam required
  • Coverage available for you and your family
  • Basic and supplemental options

What else to look for?

If you or your family will have other needs, you might buy Disability insurance or one of the following products:

• Term Life • Long Term Care • Whole Life
• Disability • Universal Life • Final Expense


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